Top 5 Ways to get Backlinks without paying

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Let’s make it abundantly clear, Google does not want you buying backlinks. Google clearly state that buying or selling links for the purpose of manipulating PageRank is a link scheme and violates their guidelines.
So we’ve gone ahead and made a list of the top five ways to get backlinks without paying anything.

#5 – Social Media for Backlinks

While most of your sites may already have their own social media, you can really take advantage of social media for SEO purposes if you start putting more thought into your posts. By not having social media accounts for all the platforms, you’re missing out on authority and may be penalize by Google.

Consider also attempting to make or crosspost some of your high quality content to sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook alongside a link to a relevant post.

#4 – Help A Reporter Out (HARO) for Backlinks

By far, Help A Reporter Out is the best way to get backlinks without paying. HARO Provides some of the highest quality backlinks you can get for free.

Help A Reporter Out, also more commonly known as HARO is a service where journalists or bloggers can ask subject matter experts for input or opinion on various topics. Generally, if your query is accepted, the publisher will publish your input, alongside your attached link. This can give amazing quality backlinks, including DR90+ sites such as Forbes.

When registering for Help A Reporter Out, ensure to use your real name, photo and email. Avoid sending in low quality or spam input, as they will never be published and you’ll waste everyone’s time. Submitting high quality input with value maximizes your chances of being chosen.

#3 – Blogger Outreach / Guest Blogging for Backlinks

While Google isn’t a big fan of you reaching out to other blogs, sites or forums to pay for your backlink, there’s nothing wrong with asking.

Politely offering some unique, original and most importantly high quality content to relevant blogs in exchange for keeping a link back to your site or blog in the post is a great way to grow your backlinks.
While some paid services claim to offer this, they most like utilize a private blog network, also known as a PBN. PBN’s are detected and punished by Google quite often.

The best way to do blogger outreach or guest blogging will always be politely and manually.

#2 – Creating YouTube Content for Backlinks

Unfortunately, the benefits of creating YouTube content to get backlinks without paying anything is often overlooked. Creating relevant and on topic videos, then including multiple links to your site in the description can be extremely effective.

For example, if you were to create a how-to series on topic with your niche, you could then include links within your description and YouTube page. Not only could this provide more traffic, but some may even quote your link when embedding your videos.

#1 – Focusing On High Quality Content for Backlinks

The truth is, the #1 way to get backlinks for free has and always will be to focus on your content.
Creating high quality, unique, relevant content for your website is not only great for your users and traffic, but it’s great for SEO.

When you focus on your content, you can slowly but surely expect natural and organic backlinks from those that recognize the value of your content.

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After reading our top five strategies to get backlinks for free and without paying, you’ll be on track to improving your SEO.

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