The Differences Between Niche Marketing and Mass Marketing

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Due to the amount of differences between niche marketing and mass marketing, it’s generally hard to tell somebody which is more effective.

For affiliate marketers, that’s not the case. We can safely say that for years, niche marketing has been and will more than likely continue to be, the #1 method of affiliate marketing. But that doesn’t mean that mass marketing is useless for those with an interest or business in affiliate marketing.

Understanding both mass and niche marketing is key to understanding how niche marketing is so lucrative. Oxford dictionary defines niche as: ‘a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment’. And yes, agree that niche marketing will lead to a comfortable position in life. However, a more accurate definition in our context is: ‘a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or server.’

Examples of Niche Marketing

Unlike normal marketing, a niche marketing strategy is much more focused on a smaller subset of the market. Using property as an example, we can clearly demonstrate the difference of niche marketing.

  • First home buyers
  • Home buyers

In the above example, our niche would be people buying their first home, out of all the people shopping for a home. The benefits of niche marketing can all be demonstrated, if for example we marketed government grants, bank offers, special promotions where the only eligibility is people purchasing their first property.
Typically when niche marketing, you’ll expect a smaller market share, therefore less traffic. Fortunately, the positives outweigh the negatives and niche marketing is often more profitable.

Examples of Mass Marketing

Mass marketing is usually for brands or large budgets. The target impact of mass marketing is generally to increase brand awareness. Some examples of mass marketing are

  • Billboards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Television or Cable Ads

Note that in the above examples, you would struggle to target a specific audience. Some claim that it depends when or where you advertise, but these are all mass marketing methods. There is some benefit to mass marketing, such as increased brand awareness, lower costs and wider reach.

People writing on a whiteboard about the difference between affiliate marketing and mass marketing
Understanding the difference between affiliate marketing and mass marketing can make or break results

What matters to an Affiliate Marketer?

After comparing the differences between niche marketing and mass marketing, it’s pretty clear to see why recommend niche marketing. The ability to go in depth with a niche, or even further with a sub-niche and so on allows effective marketers to target an audience with their blog and provide real value to them. Make sure to check out the rest of our niche guides on to ensure you’re getting the best knowledge and tips for affiliate marketing.