How to start your first WordPress blog for Affiliate Marketing

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So you’ve heard about the passive income you can make and now you want to start your first WordPress blog for affiliate marketing but you’re not sure where to start? With years of experience working with both WordPress and affiliate marketing, we can share all the tips and tricks to make sure your site is beautiful, secure, and most importantly, profitable.

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Don’t worry, we’ll be going over all of these in our guide to starting your first WordPress blog for Affiliate Marketing.

Your Niche

The most important advice I could ever give when it comes to picking a niche is:
Pick something you genuinely enjoy or have a passion for.
The golden rule of niche choice is finding something that you can actually write about. 99% of the time, this comes down to picking something you genuinely enjoy or have a passion for. While there are successful blogs out there owned by people who may have no idea about the topic, for starting your first WordPress blog for affiliate marketing, we definitely recommend picking something you can write about.
However, there are some niches that pay significantly more than others, such as

  • Finance
  • Education / College / University
  • Insurance
  • Legal / Law
  • Internet and Technology


This can either be the easiest step or possibly the longest, depending on how good you are at making decisions. When it comes to picking your domain, the key piece of advice is to not lock yourself in. Let’s use the example niche of pet products, collars in particular. A domain such as ‘GermanShepherdYellowCollarReviews’ is way too specific, but something like ‘CollarCouncil’ opens you up to more species, more breeds, more product variety and so on. To decide on a domain, you should

  • Use a common top level domain (tld) such as .com, .net or .co
  • Not be overly specific and lock yourself in to a subniche
  • Pick something relevant to your niche that includes keywords you may be writing about

WordPress Hosting

When it comes to hosting, this singular choice can either make or break a blog’s success. Too often we’ve seen what could be a profitable successful blog become almost unviewable due to hosting that is unreliable, too slow to rank in Google or insecure.
For this reason, we highly recommend going with a trusted hosting provider, such as WP Engine. Hosting over one and a half million websites for over 175 thousand customers, there’s a reason that WP Engine are the most trusted WordPress hosting provider.

The difference between budget shared hosting and a high quality hosting provider like WP Engine is both easily measurable and bigger than you’d think. We constantly keep an eye on our page speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and found that our blogs with a high performance score for both mobile and desktop rank significantly higher than those with slow spee


There’s a reason pretty much all of our blogs use GeneratePress. As a lightweight theme with a core focus on speed, stability and accessibility, GeneratePress is the perfect solution for a WordPress theme for beginners. With the time it takes for your website to load making a huge impact on your site’s ranking within Google and other search engines (Another great reason to go with a quality hosting provider like WP Engine), picking a high speed theme is a cornerstone to your blog’s success.

Unfortunately, picking a theme is something we often see people get stuck on. The truth is, content is king. You could serve somebody an exquisite meal, and they wont mind if it’s on a paper plate. Time spent worrying about themes and small visual details is something you shouldn’t worry about until you’ve at least put out a handful of posts.


The best part about getting traffic to your blog is that if you’ve followed all our advice above, you’ll start growing your organic traffic just by posting content.
For those looking for an extra bump to their traffic, we’ve had great success posting to

  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

While organic traffic can sometimes take a while to grow, if your niche allows it, creating a supporting YouTube channel or other social media can be a great method to drive more traffic to your blog. However, when posting on these sites or social media, ensure you’re not spamming or making low quality posts.
Original, relevant content will both drive traffic and build brand identity.

Am I ready to start my first WordPress blog for Affiliate Marketing?

We think the best choice anyone can make is to just start. From all our experience and people we’ve helped create successful passive income generating blogs, those who stopped worrying about if they had the skill, knowledge or determination to do it and just focused on getting started got an incredible head start. Following our guide and all the other tips on MyAffiliateMarketingGuide, you’ll be able to set up your first WordPress blog for affiliate marketing in a matter of hours, with some steps only taking minutes.
Make sure to stay tuned and check out our guides on picking a niche, creating high quality posts, generating organic traffic, and monetizing your blogs.