SEMScoop Review

SEMScoop Review

SEMScoop caught our eye recently for offering a high quality product completely for free. We’ve been using it for a few days to test it our for our readers and are ready to provide our SEMScoop review. What is SEMScoop? SEMScoop is a self-described ‘keyword tool’. More in depth, SEMScoop provides keyword research to find … Read more

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Top 5 Ways to get Backlinks without paying

paperclips representing backlinks and how to get backlinks without paying

Let’s make it abundantly clear, Google does not want you buying backlinks. Google clearly state that buying or selling links for the purpose of manipulating PageRank is a link scheme and violates their guidelines.So we’ve gone ahead and made a list of the top five ways to get backlinks without paying anything. #5 – Social … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Backlinks

A chain link representing affiliate marketing backlinks

Sometimes called off page links, affiliate marketing backlinks are the oxygen of search engine optimization and traffic generation. To understand backlinks there are three elements you need to consider, the source from which the backlinks originate, the anchor text of the backlinks and what’s on the page to which the backlinks directs the visitor to. The Quantity Of Backlinks … Read more