Affiliate Marketing Backlinks

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Sometimes called off page links, affiliate marketing backlinks are the oxygen of search engine optimization and traffic generation. To understand backlinks there are three elements you need to consider, the source from which the backlinks originate, the anchor text of the backlinks and what’s on the page to which the backlinks directs the visitor to.

The Quantity Of Backlinks

Most search engines look at the quantity of backlinks to a web page when deciding where this page should be presented in the search results.

The Quantity Of Backlinks

Backlinks are very similar to votes with different ‘rights’ that relate to where they originate from. So it’s no surprise that pages with backlinks from authoritative pages will receive a much higher value consideration from the search engines. Government (.gov) and educational (.edu) sites are obvious examples of sites that are authoritative and trustworthy.

Google Page Rank

Google has the concept of ‘page rank’, this is the property it attaches to a page it considers to have accumulated authority over time from backlinks pointing towards it.

The Anchor Text

Just like a label, the backlink anchor text has influence over the search engines classification of the backlink. Relevance is the guiding principle for every search engine algorithms and it follows if the information on the page is about ‘drying chillis” then it is from a search engine’s point of view, more valuable for the backlink’s anchor text to this page to contain the word ‘chilli’ as opposed to a related term such as ‘drying spices’.

Common problems with Affiliate Marketing Backlinks

The majority people screw up their backlinks strategies because they focus on quantity as opposed to quality of backlinks. For instance if the volume of your backlinks to your ‘parenting’ page originate from pages not related to ‘parenting’ then whilst you have backlinks they will almost always bring you the wrong traffic.

How To Build Backlinks For Affiliate Marketing

The golden rule for building backlinks is to not violate Google’s guidelines.

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