Should you monetize your blog with Ads or Affiliate Links

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The age old question of how should you monetize your traffic or blog. Traditionally, a lot of websites have relied on programs like Google AdSense to monetize their traffic and earn revenue. Thanks to the rising popularity of affiliate marketing, it may be more profitable to ditch the ads and focus on affiliate links.

How can my blog earn money with Ads?

I’m sure most people here are well aware of Google AdSense and it’s benefits, as it is the traditional go-to for adding advertisements to your site. However, a lot of bloggers and publishers are unaware they can usually increase, if not double their revenue by moving to another ad network.

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Depending on your niche, some sites see revenue of up to $20 ePMV, which is much larger than what you’ll usually get from just AdSense.

How can my blog earn money with Affiliate Programs?

This is incredibly dependent on your niche. For something such as cryptocurrency, or insurance, you’ll find incredibly high paying affiliate programs.

The more traffic you’re able to send to your affiliate links, the more passive income you’ll be able to generate through Affiliate marketing. In some circumstances, it may even be profitable to run ads for your own site to generate traffic.

Should my site monetize with Ads or Affiliate?

While it’s hard to give a blanket statement, if you have a large amount of traffic, generally it will be more profitable to run display ads on your site. If your traffic is high quality and from ‘tier 1’ countries, you’ll generally find more success running affiliate programs on your blog.

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