Sep 242008
by Eagle Grey

Article marketing is considered as one of the best content-based marketing solutions in the internet today. It is commonly used by marketers to distribute information to their potential clients to build rapport and establish their expertise on their chosen niche.

If the article submission site allows the opportunity for additional links beyond your resource box, take the time to double check that each link works. Broken links or links not properly HTML coded will delay the submission of the article.

Don’t use article spinning software. There are so many article marketers who are using spinning software because they would like to easily augment the number of their articles. While these tools can help you boost the number of your copies, they cannot guarantee the quality.

In no time flat you can establish yourself as an expert on any subject that you happen to be knowledgeable on. Because article directories are voracious carnivores for quality content, they are always looking for fresh NEW content to add to their databases for their readers, webmasters, newsletter, and e-Zine publishers.

Articles should be of a great interest so as to get the readers down to the resource box or lead the webmasters to reprint the article as it is on their sites. The first element is to catch the eye of a reader and confer a high degree of controversy.

Make sure you can add these when you submit your articles, these are what the search engines will look for the most when caching your article page on the articles directory website. The website should professionally display all this information, again this is a tell tale sign for a serious article directory or not.

Improve your conversion rate. To easily convince online users to open your articles, make sure that you use attention grabbing and interesting titles that can communicate the gist of your content.

Also, create keyword-rich articles. However, make sure that it makes sense when you re-read the keyword rich article you have written. Don’t put in the keyword for the sake of placing them in the articles and end up making the article looks bad. Article Marketing is free and it provides free publicity for your sites, especially if it’s a new site.

Can you make money in article marketing without outsourcing your work? Yes you can but it will take time and you will have to be very much disciplined about how many articles you write per day and understand that you are not going to generate the traffic that it takes to make big money.

We can not deny that articles are the food of the search engines. Of course, I am talking about unique articles here and not duplicate content. Unless your website has only a one, two or three pages only, and then you will be needing lots and lots of directory submission and other promotional works to do.

Stay on top of the game by writing about new ideas. Avoid writing the same topics over and over again as this can annoy your readers. Get fresh ideas by subscribing to the RSS feeds of relevant websites, or by visiting forums and article submission sites.

Your website will gain traffic from article submissions in a few ways. The most simple way of getting traffic is from the reader, who clicks on your link at the end of the article to go back to your promoted website.

Optimize your articles. The success of your article marketing effort largely depends on how easy it would be for online users to find your articles online. Convince search engines to index your articles by sprinkling just the right amount of keywords on your content.

You need to research your competitor’s work and the content they offer. This will help you in differentiating you from them and help in offering the information, which their work lacks. This includes lack of verification, proof reading, cover letters, and bio box.

Undoubtedly, article marketing is the best resource available for driving qualified and targeted traffic direct to your website. Besides sharing your knowledge and establishing your expertise in your field, you can implement article submission as a key step in your marketing strategy to increase your sales and profits.

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