Aug 252009

Long time Keyword Elite customers will be glad to know that Brad Callen is almost ready to launch Keyword Elite 2.0. I’ve been using this software for the past year now, and I can definitely say that it is my favorite keyword research tool. It is well suited for both SEO and PPC purposes and it has always been my goto tool. The new version of the software looks to have several exciting new features, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on it when it comes out.

I’ve done a little bit of research and here are some highlighted changes that will be part of this new release.

Shiny new look and feel. The user interface of the program has been entirely revamped. The software now has a brand new Web 2.0 look that will make using the software much more enjoyable to use.

Adwords Time Machine. Now you keep track of others in your area and monitor their Google Adwords campaigns for the past 6 months. This allows you to imitate their landing pages and use their ad copy which you know gets high click through rates.

Adwords Site Targeter. This new feature enables you to uncover other sites in your area which run Google Adsense. This allows you to target your own ads in Google Adwords, or contact the site owner and directly buy banner space. These targeted placements should lead to higher conversions.

JV Diamond Miner. This feature allows you to uncover sites related to yours that have their own opt-in mailing lists. By contacting these site owners, you may be able to setup a joint venture with them and promote your own product on their site. This is one tactic that not many affiliate marketers implement, but can work very well.

Significant Speed Improvements. The new Keyword Elite is 10 times as fast as the old version. Now you get your results in seconds instead of minutes. Existing Keyword Elite users will be astonished at the difference in speed between the two.

I have just listed a few of the new features that will be available when Brad Callen releases Keyword Elite 2.0. There are actually a lot more features and enhancements that I didn’t get a chance to talk about so look for them as well. Brad Callen is famous for releasing outstanding products for affiliate marketers, and I am convinced that we will not be disappointed with Keyword Elite 2. Make sure to pick up your copy of this ultimate keyword research tool when it is available.

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