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In the event that you have some experience with internet marketing, you may possibly know, that key to driving specific web traffic to your websites and making increased sales and conversions is always to become a multi-channel online marketer. Doing only weblog commenting or article marketing or Pay Per Click is in fact dangerous. Imagine if you lose that channel due to an external situation that you can’t get a grip on? Additionally, it seems and it is more natural whenever details about your internet site is left in several locations and backlinks come from various sources.

Even though you are employing a few traffic generation techniques currently, like article marketing , weblog commenting, and forum posting, you should think about including RSS marketing as another powerful solution to enhance your online visibility.

Something RSS

RSS represents Really Easy Syndication. It is about the feed of the weblog or site. RSS is simply the standard of syndication for sites to syndicate their content. To see an RSS feed, you will need a reader or aggregator.

Nowadays, many sites include a feed. When they don’t have it, you can find different sorts of software that produce a feed for you.

5 Main advantages of RSS marketing

  1. Feed is another solution to display the information of the websites. Your visitors can subscribe to your feeds through different readers eg Goggle Reader, Yahoo, and Newsgator, and through desktop applications or through email, which increases your web visibility.
  2. Individuals who subscribe to your feed tend to be immediately updated when brand new content is posted in your site or weblog. That saves them, and you, many effort and time. They may be able efficiently read your new articles, and you need not be worried about planning and delivering the information in their mind by hand.
  3. Your feed can be simply posted on various other blogs and provided to directories. This produces backlinks to your internet website and drives extra traffic.
  4. The distribution rate is reported to be 100percent which demonstrably outperforms any autoresponder solution. But for best outcomes we recommend generating both a message readers list and RSS feed readers list.
  5. You’ll put adverts in your feed. Including, you can easily synchronize your Feedburner feed with Google Adsense. This may bring you additional revenue.

RSS Marketing is an economical way of driving traffic to your sites. Even though you decide to invest in a beneficial feed generator, it really is a little one-time (in most cases) expense.

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Jun 272010

Are you interested in becoming a web marketing professional? If the answer here is yes then there are certain points which you may have to concentrate upon. Among them video marketing is something that you need to pay attention too as this is one aspect that is highly in use by the experts of web marketing. Correct use of this marketing method can make you earn good rewards. This marketing method is extensively used over a period of time reason being it is very effective as it can deliver the message to the customer very well. Because of this video marketing is highly preferable. In cases where you are browsing for a full method meant for video marketing you need to browse my own Epic Traffic Systems Bonus package.

There were not many websites which would help the marketers over this concept of video marketing. But then with technological advancements there were some sites like youtube which were introduced as better options for video marketing. If any of the companies opt for video marketing with such websites then they can be certain that they would get good amount of revelation on the internet and that too with a small video. The main objective of video marketing is to promote you and your company in addition to the services you render to the customers. Make a point to create your initial video such that you get an exposure among the audiences online. If you want to generate good amount of potentials for your website then make sure you have some videos on the internet almost every week. By this there are high chances that you’re video will get good exposure and by this you will also generate good amount of traffic which will be dragged to your website.

Make sure the video that you generate is short and sober this is because long videos on the web are not preferred buy the target prospects and as a result they do not even look at your guidelines that you may have provided. A very good idea for this is that your video is only for a period of one to three minutes and that it is segregated based on the guidelines. These types of videos are entertained by the audience which in turn proves to be beneficial. By doing this you will be able to have several videos consuming one point of view. Having too many videos will also help you have good number of audience. Furthermore, there can be rise the sales volume as well. One more thing that you need to remember is that your video has a link that diverts to the site which will enable you to receive incoming links to your site. Just in case you would wish to find precisely how to obtain extensive amounts of traffic and transmit them to your own web sites in order to help to increase your  on line profits speedily with video marketing in that case , start reading exactly what Keith Baxter and Jon Shugart and Joey Smith have got to reveal in my Epic Traffic Systems Review.

Another thing that plays a vital role in the video promotion is proper choice of keywords. Good keywords have to be present while you design the video because that’s what makes it more effective. You can have too many visitor visiting your website if you make correct and optimum use of these keywords. Excessive use of keywords will always be a bad option because it is important that you make use of correct keywords in various different videos. It is important that the keywords you are making use of is related to the video.

In order to carry out video promotions efficiently, picking of concepts related to each and every video must be done with extreme care. It is an important point. Reason behind the significance of this factor is that it will let you achieve prosperity in the field on web business. If you wish to get success in internet marketing then it is better for you to consult a professional well before initiating with your work. The point when you have all the knowledge related to it, you can carry out the whole video marketing process on your own. High yields can be guaranteed by posting videos through web promotions. In cases where you are scouting around for indepth information on video marketing practices and internet marketing procedures  please pay a visit to my blog.

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One thing I see more than any other is online marketers looking for website traffic secrets. A lot of them are looking for ways to drive more traffic to their sites using a shoe string budget. People seem to be afraid to spend money on the one thing that will get them success online and that is traffic to their sites.


First, show how you address their needs.

Online buyers don’t act like mall shoppers. In a shopping mall, you might discover a store you’ve never noticed before. You might decide you really are in the market for a new cat toy, a sweater for your daughter in college or even a gadget that does something you never imagined.

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Search Engine Marketing

The search engines are the most popular way for people to find what they are looking for on the internet. Billions of searches are done each day, and millions of visitors are sent to deserving websites. Anyone who has a website needs to take time to get recognized, listed, and ranked by the search engines. SEO takes time to master and to practice, but the result it an automated source of free and targeted website traffic.

So their first question is, “Will you solve my problem?” Then they want to categorize your offering. If they’re seeking help with career change, they want to know if you are a career coach, life coach, psychotherapist, career counselor or company recruiter. If they’re trying to get out of debt, they want to know if you’re an attorney, accountant or financial planner.

Part of problem solving is gaining access. So your prospective clients want to know if you work virtually or in person. They’ll want to know if you see clients individually or in groups.

Second, show that you work with people they can relate to.

When people consider hiring a professional, they want to believe that you won’t be surprised or shocked at anything they ask. They don’t want to stand out among your clients. One key area is related to wealth. A senior executive earning several hundred thousand dollars a year will be very different from a starving artist or a struggling new business owner. He will want to sense that you recognize where he’s coming from and know how to deal with people at his level.

Use a Blog/RSS

There are two levels of traffic, unique visitors and return visitors. Both are great and both are essential to a long term thriving e-business site. Unique visitors are the ones that you get from your website marketing efforts. However, if you play your cards right you can turn this into a repeat visitor who will come back to your site over and over again. A blog with an RSS feed is a perfect way to establish a large following of return traffic. Make it easy to sign up for your blog or to subscribe to your feed, and then make sure that you regularly provide new and updated content that your visitors can enjoy you can be Published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

Apr 092010

WordPress is while not query the simplest platform you’ll choose for building a web site on these days.  With a level of functionality and adaptability that is exceptional in ancient HTML sites, WordPress is ideally suited to assist you produce a dynamic, low maintenance, sensible wanting, high ranking website!

When it comes to putting in WordPress, it takes just a few clicks of a button to do.  In contrast to some scripts, you do not require a degree in rocket science in order to install this software.  It can install in just a few seconds with minimal input from you.

Configuring it’s not very onerous to do either – it will run straight out of the box and work.  But, if you would like to configure it for most impact then you are doing would like to grasp what you’re doing.  A good set of WordPress tutorials can show you how to try to to this.

The $64000 great thing about WordPress comes in its flexibility.  You can terribly easily create a distinctive trying site in any niche in just some minutes.  You’ll be able to completely customise every side of the location design using themes and some html programming if you are very feeling brave.

You’ll add new features to WordPress using plugins to extend functionality and to create it even a lot of flexible.  These plugins can allow you to try to to things like add Adsense ads across your entire site with a click of a button, manage paid advertising from site sponsers, optimize your website for the search engines and much a lot of more.

After all, the ability to change the site style with a click of a button is additionally a huge selling purpose on this free software.  You can update your website terribly simply so that it suits any of the seasons or holiday events.  This can create a huge distinction in your selling efforts as people love to shop for from sites that are relevant to the holidays.  Plus, it makes your site look contemporary and new that will attract back previous visitors.

Add to all or any of this the very fact that WordPress sites are loved by the search engines and have been designed from the bottom up to be search engine friendly and you have a true winner on your hands.

Want to find out how to make money with WordPress?  You need the best WordPress tutorials on the market from WordPress Demystified. Visit today for a free guide to earning from your blog.

WordPress has been specifically designed to be friendly to the search engines and therefore the search engines are very awake to this and eat up WordPress sites.  With out of the box support for RSS feeds and the flexibility to focus on on page SEO with the employment of plugins, it is ideally fitted to SEO purposes.  You can completely customise the SEO side of WordPress and the smart marketer can build it even additional search engine friendly which leads to higher rankings.

Sometimes, a WordPress based website can rank terribly well in the search engines very quickly if you’ve got created the site correctly and paid attention to the SEO features.

Whether or not you’re making a sales letter, a squeeze page, a membership web site, a shopping cart of just an evident old niche data site, then WordPress is that the platform for you.  Being straightforward to install and use and powerful in its functionality it is positively becomng the platform of choice for web site homeowners across the Internet.

Oct 292009

This is my unbiased review of Pawan’s recent release of ‘RSS E-mail 2.0’

What this is all about…

RSS E-mail 2.0 is a step-by-step tutorial kit containing 10 screen-capture VIDEO presentations on RSS e-mail subscription management for blog owners.

The best feature I like about is actually the video tutorial format; instead of reading a book, you could actually see how these “techie” stuff is done, right before you, so you can easily copy-cat the strategy revealed inside.

You’ll be able to easily understand what you need to do in order to manage, monetize and profit from your RSS feed content

What that means is that once your blog is setup with these RSS settings, you’ll be making money almost on auto-pilot.

If you always wanted to get paid without lifting a finger, then RSS E-mail 2.0 might provide you with the quick-fix solution,  although getting rich overnight will probably never happen.

What I like about this video package is the insider “secrets”. For example… did you know you could get a new autoresponder account with AWEBER for just $1.00 [30-day trial]?

Also, do you really know how to setup your first e-mail autoresponder list in 10 minutes or less?

Or, how to create a new blog broadcast so that your subscribers get free blog updates in their inbox?

RSS E-mail 2.0 explains that and more, walking you step-by-step throughout the entire process.

And believe it or not, an autoresponder list is even more powerful than a feed broadcast. Once you capture your visitor’s email address you can follow-up with your subscribers on a regular basis, thus increasing your clicks & sales…

You can send one-time broadcast messages and recycle traffic to whatever site or product you wish… day in day out!

What I don’t like about this product is they only share a few real life RSS to Email case studies. I wished they’d include a lot more! But I guess that’s just me…

It’s in your best interest to put your hands on RSS E-mail 2.0 today if your blog RSS feed content is not fully monetized yet.

Check out the full product here http://www.maxblogpress.com/go.php?offer=hblawhorn&pid=34 and download the videos today if it fits you!

Jan 132009

After more than a year in development, Bookmarking Demon 4.1 has finally been released. The creator of Bookmarking Demon, Edwin Brian has given the software a complete overhaul and released essentially a brand new social bookmarking tool. Bookmarking Demon has a nice new user interface and some essential features which make bookmarking sites easy and painless.

For those who are not familiar with it, Bookmarking Demon is a software that automates creating accounts and submitting pages to social bookmarking sites. It supports twenty different major bookmarking sites including delicious.com, mister-wong.com, and furl.net. It can also submit your pages to Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, and Pligg sites which are typically smaller type sites.

What are the benefits of using a social bookmarking tool like Bookmarking Demon? By submitting pages on your sites, you get:

Highly targeted backlinks – Each keyword you submit to a social bookmarking site creates its own page. So multiply the number of keywords, by the number of sites you submit to and that’s how many backlinks you’ll be getting.

Faster search engine indexing – This is especially useful for newly created sites. By utilizing the new Ping feature of Bookmarking Demon 4, you can notify the web crawlers right away to come to your just submitted site and index it in their results.

Increased search engine rankings – Bookmarking Demon 4 supports twenty major social bookmarking sites, and the majority of them contain do-follow links. This means any link juice these sites carry will be passed on to your site. For example, Mister-Wong.com has a Page Rank of 7, and a do-follow link from them carries a lot of weight. The more high quality backlinks you have to your site, the higher your site will rank in the search engines.

The first thing you’ll notice in Bookmarking Demon 4.1, is that it features a brand new interface. Gone is the bland UI, and in its place is a more colorful and more friendly looking interface. The program is also more functional as everything can be done on the pages themselves which makes the whole bookmarking workflow more streamlined.

There is a handy new syntax that is introduced by Bookmarking Demon 4.1 which will help you avoid getting flagged for having duplicate content. Now, in your descriptions you can write something like: “Cooking steak is difficult ” When Bookmarking Demon sees this syntax in a site description or title, it will randomly pick one of the words from the choices when bookmarking to a site.

One of my favorite features of Bookmarking Demon 4 is its support of RSS feeds. If you go to the preferences, you can add the RSS feeds of your favorite sites like (Techcrunch or Digg). When Bookmarking Demon goes to submit your own pages, it will randomly take pages from these feeds and bookmark them along with your site. By doing this, you hide the fact that you are really only promoting your own sites.

Another really nice feature is the pinging feature. Once Bookmarking Demon has finished submitting your sites, you can have it ping the newly created pages, along with your profile on a particular bookmarking site. This tells the search engines that a page has changed and it should send out its spiders to index this new info. This makes it extremely fast to get your sites indexed in the search engine results.

Bookmarking Demon 4.1 is a great new release from Edwin Brian. It is much easier to use than the old version, and it has a lot of nice useful features. If you are doing any SEO for your sites, Bookmarking Demon is a tool you need to have in your internet marketing toolbox. By using it regularly, you will get your sites indexed quickly, and increase their rank in the search results very fast. Although you could perform all these tasks by hand, Bookmarking Demon does it for you in an automated way. This saves you time, and as you know, time is money!

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