Aug 172009

A lot of infopreneurs dream about writing top selling e-books. You know the ones that are ranked on top of the charts, sell hundreds of copies in a high-profile start, and bring the creator name and fame and glory. Most infopreneurs feel that what makes a best selling ebook is quality of content, and that alone will guarantee them success in reaching best seller status. It is by no means everything. We’ll look at a few of the ‘behind the scenes’ behavior that go into creating best selling e-books.

Best Selling E-books Generate ‘Buzz’ The peer-to-peer networks that talk about the next hot launch on forums, through email, individual messaging and on ezine lists contribute largely to an e-book reaching best seller status. It is created by the author and the marketing team behind a launch, in a alert, clinical strategy. The buzz building begins well before the launch date. Think about the trailers that hit movie theaters months before a new film launches. E-book marketing is the same.

Best Selling E-books Gather Momentum Look at the next best selling e-books to launch, and you’ll notice just how many people get behind the promotion activities in the primary week of release. Think that happened overnight? No way. These partners were contacted by the creator or the marketing specialists several weeks, if not months in advance. They were invited to offer suggestions or additions. By getting partners to entrust to the development of an e-book, the author has invoked a powerful principle that makes the partner feel like a part-owner – so when it comes time to help sponsor it, there is little confrontation to helping it reach best selling e-books type.

Best Selling E-books Gather Momentum. Look at the next best promotion e-books to launch, and you’ll notice just how many people get behind the promotion activities in the first week of emit. Think that happened overnight? No way. These novelists contacted partners or the marketing specialists numerous weeks, if not months in progress. They were givens review copies of the early drafts. They were invited to present suggestions or additions. By getting partners to commit to the development of an e-book, the source has invoked an eloquent rule that makes the partner feel like a part-possessor – so when it comes time to help promoting it, there is little resistance to plateful it catch best promotion e-books type.

Best Selling E-books Leverage Relationships. No distinct source can have the kind of connections and trusting relationships open to a big group of partners. And smart best selling e-books authors tap into this interact of contacts, and power the relationships each individual partner has urbanized – with his or her own record. The suborn to the partner comes in many customs. Association with a high profile launch, the ability to offer bonuses which horde friend facts, the potential for prospect seam ventures with the successful e-book author or just added profits from connect sales would motivate many people to hop aboard once the momentum reaches serious levels.

Best selling e-books sustain speed. Unless properly co-ordinate and handled, such massive campaigns can fast run out of steam soon after launch. The actually successful best selling e-books are those which can maintain the momentum gained during the launch development, and use that to attract new partners, reach new audiences and sell more copies. For instance, an e- book sold during click bank will suddenly get extra experience to a network of 100,000 affiliates if it rises through the ranks to get a top 10 position on the best selling e-books list. So the next time you think about envying an author of best selling e-books, appreciate it isn?t sheer luck that bring those results. There was a ton of hard work behind it-and the good news is, you can enjoy the same results by taking massive action too.

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Aug 102009

If you are just starting out online, you might have been told that Clickbank affiliate program is the best to join if you are new to online market. And while that is quite true, there are also some learning curve issues that you’ll face with their marketplace.

Some of the reasons that Clickbank’s affiliate program is rated as the best by its affiliates are listed here:

1. Clickbank pays two times per month. And their checks are always on time. 2. Clickbank treats its affiliates well. They actually pay affiliates before the pay vendors. 3. You can promote any product in the Clickbank marketplace once you are approved 4. No one has ever been denied an account with Clickbank 5. Though you will promote from different vendors, it is Clickbank that pays you. 6. Their support staff is excellent 7. Once approved, which usually takes minutes, you can start promoting all the products in the market place right away. 8. They do a all of the tracking for you concerning your commissions 9. They have been around for some time and have a good solid track record 10. Affiliates are happy with them and that means that they will be around for a long time to come. They have just improved the look and feel of their platform for ease of use by both affiliates and vendors. But even with those great attributes, it is still not so easy to understand or navigate the market place.

Clickbank makes it easy for their affiliates and vendors to learn how to work in marketing. Since their affiliates are pleased with Clickbank it is sure to be in business for a long time to come.

It takes some time to fully learn and understand the Clickbank affiliate program. It is divided into categories and sometimes what you think should be in a certain category is not.

One of the easiest way in understanding Clickbank when searching for a particular product or title is to put quotes around your search keyword. So say you are searching for acne, instead of just typing acne, it is best to type “acne”. The reason for this is that if a vendor mention acne in his pitch to get affiliates to promote his product, because he has done well in the acne niche, he will also come up. So to get a more super targeted results, it is best to use when searching for items. Clickbank affiliate program is available to affiliates not only in the United States but also to other countries across the globe. So you can now see why it is the preferred choice for affiliate marketers.

In summary Clickbank has also helped many gurus to become millionaire just by providing a safe and user friendly platform. The confidence that affiliates have in clickbank platform that they will not be robbed or cheated and can be rest assured that they will collect their checks every two weeks. If you are looking to get online and not sure how to get start, then choosing Clickbank affiliate program is the answer and you could be on your way earning money in the next 24 hours.

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Jul 292009

Clickbank is advertised everywhere it seems, bragging about how affiliates are earning an extra income. The websites are able to sell a variety of products without ever taking stock or shipping a single item. The website owners simply place a banner of another member site on their own webpage and will be paid for each click or each click that results in a purchase on the members site. It is so easy to earn money as an affiliate it almost seem like it is a scam. The reality is you have to be a super affiliate to see any real profit from using this program. Before joining you should take the time to learn how to become a super affiliate so you are not wasting your time or your website precious space.

You have to first understand how the clickbank program works. You are aware that the members have the affiliates place a link or banner on their site and that link or banner when clicked will direct traffic to the member site. Affiliates are paid either by each click or through clicks that lead to a purchase. Most member sites already expect that little money will be paid out to these affiliates as they do not believe nor care that traffic will be generated by the affiliates. The members main concern is increasing page rank to naturally increase their traffic through the backlinks you have placed on your site by way of a banner or direct link. The search engines will rate a site on how many backlinks it contains and the more they have the higher their page rank could be. With the higher page rank they are more likely to show up in the top searches and this will generate more traffic than any affiliate ever could with click thru.

Since you now know the real reason the members want you, you should realize that making any money as an affiliate will be left solely up to you.

The one thing to realize is the amount of traffic your site gets. The more traffic you get the more chance you have at finding traffic to click the banners of the members sites. If you are generating enough traffic then you need to focus on the target audience of your own website. Who is coming to visit your site? This is a huge concern an affiliate should have before choosing a member site. The member site should be as closely related to your own site as possible in order to ensure that your visitors will find some interest in what the member site has to offer.

If the traffic on your site is not interested in what your members sites have to offer then you are wasting valuable space on your website as well as doing nothing to benefit yourself but are helping the member site to increase their PR and their traffic and not getting paid to do so. If your website is full of healthy recipes and your members are selling deep fryers or cotton candy makers your traffic will never click those banners and therefore you will never earn any money as an affiliate.

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Jul 222009

Becoming an affiliate with clickbank is easy and effective. If you own a website and would like to make some more money the clickbank affiliate program is for you. You will need to divulge a little information about yourself while signing up. The most important will be the URL to your website to show you are a website owner.

Immediately after signing up you can begin finding the members you wish to be an affiliate to. Some website owners only choose one member site while others choose several, there is no limit or rule as to how many members you can become an affiliate for You just have to keep in mind that for every member site you choose to become an affiliate for you will be required to place a link or banner somewhere on your website that will lead back to the members site when clicked.

Each member will offer various methods of payouts. You need to understand the different pay out meanings to know how you will be paid. Pay-Per-Click programs will earn you a specified amount for every click the link or banner receives from your site the only requirement is that each daily click is unique. The Pay-Per-Lead programs are paid out from member websites when traffic is directed from your site to theirs that ends in a good lead, This may require the user to join a program or fill out their information. The Pay-Per-Sale programs will only pay out when the traffic generated from your site to the members results in a purchase.

The commission amounts vary based on what the member is offering as well as the type of pay out they give. There are some members who will offer a two tiered program that allows payouts to the affiliate from their own traffic as well as referred affiliates traffic to the members site.

Member sites you choose should resemble your own websites topic or theme. In order to minimize the work to drive traffic to your website that will end in clicks to the members sites you should have your website optimized for your own topic and find members within that same theme. It is also recommended to look for your potential affiliates for the two tiered programs using this same method.

Member sites benefit from the programs through promoting their sites in the search engines with the increased number of backlinks they receive. The members also gain the extra traffic that is generated from your site and their sales profit can potential go up. Your only requirement is to place the banner or the link on your website that leads to the members website.

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Jul 152009

Many website owners are using Clcikbank to benefit through connecting to other websites for earning some extra cash or for website promotion. Member sites are promoted in the search engines because of the many backlinks placed on various affiliate sites as well as any traffic those sites can generate for them. Affiliates are in it for the money, there is no recognition from the search engines they simply strive to generate traffic to the member site through the banners or backlinks placed on their website and are given payment in return.

Adult websites are able to become affiliates through clickbank but have been met with some resistance. Many member site owners fear that the connection with them will destroy their search engine ratings.

Some member site owners are just concerned about the type of traffic that may be directed their way from an adult website affiliate.

Members are beginning to realize how much attention an adult website actually gets and the possibility for an increase in traffic to their own site by having them as an affiliate. The members have a much stronger chance of receiving traffic from an affiliate that have large amounts of web traffic visiting their site each day.

The extreme popularity of the adult websites and the tremendous amount of traffic that they have has helped to make them more accepted with many of the members site owners. The fact that the search engines still count their backlink as a good rating has helped the acceptance as well.

Affiliates of any website, not just adult websites need to understand how the payout work. If the traffic that is coming through the affiliates page has absolutely no interest in the products or the services being offered through the banners and links to the members pages then they will not likely click to be directed there. It is always better to find like minded sites to connect to in order to ensure the best possibility that visitors click the banners.

Many member sites are still refusing to be linked with adult affiliates but the amount of member sites that are accepting them are increasing each day. The members as well as the affiliates have the ability to choose what they want and who they want to be connected to within clickbank. Guidelines are in place for any website, not just an adult oriented website to be allowed to become an affiliate. There should be nothing portraying an illegal act on the site, no illegal activity, no violence or anything that could be considered harmful. Spamming is a problem with a majority of affiliates trying to gain clicks for payment and will not be tolerated through clickbank, any site caught spamming will automatically be eliminated from the program.

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Jul 092009

People have been hearing about clickbank and how easy it is to generate cash with doing little to nothing. The ability to place a banner on your site and gain money just from your visitors clicking on it is a very attractive offer. Many people become affiliates to other websites for the sole purpose of making commissions off the products those websites are selling.

Clickbank is one of the more popular affiliate programs on the internet. There are various types of programs that will pay out to the affiliates in many different ways. Clickbank offer members who pay on a pay per click basis as well as a pay per sale basis. Clickbank even offers its affiliates a two tier program for an even higher commission payout.

If you are lucky enough to get a member to pay per click then you simply have to place the banner on your site and every time it is clicked you will earn a commission. This can be very beneficial for increasing traffic to the members site and very profitable to the affiliate that is collecting commissions.

The two tier programs offer a way to earn the most money since there will be a larger pool of traffic generated to the member site. However the program is set up to pay out for your affiliation it will pay out in the same manner for all your recruits.

The pay per click pay outs as well as the pay per sale pay outs are easily beneficial to an affiliate using the two tier payout programs. The payouts will be the same for the recruits as they are for the original affiliate. So if you are getting paid per click and you recruit another affiliate for that member site they will also be getting paid per click and you will earn a portion of their earnings.

You may think it is odd that a member site would pay you for simply placing a banner to drive traffic from your website to theirs. The fact is that the search engines will give the members a higher page rank due to the many backlinks the program offers them. They are also benefiting from increased traffic to their site and they stand to have their sales profit go up with this increase.

For the best results using a clickbank affiliate program you should choose member sites that are closely related to your sites topic. You have already optimized your website for a targeted audience so why choose random sites, be specific with who you want on your website, this decreases the need for optimizing any further or adding a specific search word to your meta tags. You should also find recruited affiliates that are on the same topic. If the member site requires a purchase to be made before receiving commission then having a site that is made up of a certain type of traffic will increase the chances of them not only clicking the banner but purchasing from the site.

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