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One of the quickest ways to get thousands of visitors to your website is from a Joint Venture – This is the method of partnering with other people and “doing a deal”.

In many ways, Joint Ventures (JV’s) are much like Affiliate Sales where someone else is promoting your website and enticing people to visit.

One very common Joint Venture is working with someone else operating in a related or the same niche. You “do a deal” with the other party whereby they will push your website to their customers, in exchange for monetary compensation, or some other form of payment.

Perhaps the deal is you do the same (push their product to your customers).

Perhaps the deal is they do some form of advertising of your product or services to their mailing list in exchange for you buying some advertising space.

Or it could really just be a simple affiliate setup (you pay them a percentage of sales made to visitors they have directed to your website). In other words you have an affiliate set-up and “offer” it to the other person, who then gets paid for each client who purchases something.

But this is only a piece of the picture. Once you have a decent mailing list and contacts, there are lots more you can do with JV’s.

For example you can join up with another person and build a new website selling new products and share in the profit (and costs). Perhaps you can JV with a “big name” Internet Marketer and get their endorsement of your product to use in promotional material.

How about doing a deal with a software developer where they do all the software development and you do the marketing and you both share the profits.

There are a heap of ways that JV’s work, and literally no limit to the possibilities. Get creative!

What you do want to do is join some of the JV networks out there especially the ones that are well known to other Internet Marketers because your then going to get more “deals” that are likely to be relevant to your market.

Many people claim to be experts in the area of internet marketing tips. We suggest you do some careful research yourself first to get a a beginning understanding of this some important fundamentals.

The best JV networks I have found is called the Joint Venture Network.

I like this site because it costs nothing to read through all JV’s. Only the person who submits a JV has to pay and that cost of $100 and targets 1000’s of people! This is a great way to get instant affiliates announce, a new product and the cost is quite reasonable.

As I mentioned though, you can browse all current JV’s for free if you wish. I’m a member and can vouch for it.

There is a special “one-time-offer” when you join to get some extra special deals as well and to change your membership type right up to Platinum where you get the ability to post “free” announcements every 30 days instead of paying $100 (this would be of use to the bigger marketer who is releasing new products on a regular basis). But you don’t need to do that, you can join for free and use it with paying anything if you wish.

Of course you don’t necessarily have to join a JV site to find people looking for a Joint Venture. You can also just go direct to the source and ask your existing contacts, or pick up the phone and start calling. I just found it a lot easier to put the announcement out, and those who are interested contact me… Nice!

Or what about attending a major Internet Marketing event. I did this myself; in fact I attended the Singapore World Internet Summit in May 2007 for this very purpose!

Can you find someone to swap skills with? The process of doing this can build long-term relationships if done properly. Obviously anytime you are working with another person you need to make sure you build up a level of report and trust, and where possible and practical get an agreement in writing so both parties know exactly where they stand and what their obligations are.

This is particularly important in the case of a joint ventures setting up a new website. In these types of situation you need to have a clear understanding of expenses (who is paying for them, who has the authority to “charge expenses” i.e. either or both parties), how the profits are to be used and shared (e.g. even split, profits left in system, or taken out monthly, etc).

JV’s can potentially be a massive way to increase visitors to your website!

May 242009

WordPress really is one of the Internet Marketers best friends!

You won't believe how flexible, customizable and expandable WordPress is!

You can do pretty much anything you want with WordPress.You can create shopping carts, membership sites, information sites, sales letters, authority sites, communities and more.

All on a piece of software that won't cost you a penny!

WordPress is one of those pieces of software with so many options and tweaks that it takes a lifetime to master it.  With a decent WordPress tutorial you can very easily get to grips with it and start using it like a pro.

WordPress training is vital if you are going to get the most from this piece of software!

If you are new to Internet Marketing, then WordPress is even more appealing.  Being free and so easy to set up and use then you can start your business and start earning for minimal cost.The WordPress pro can set up a site from scratch in under 15 minutes!

Then you just need to add some content, monetize it and start driving traffic and you will see some results.  With the right free traffic methods you can start getting traffic in just a few minutes!

Most, if not all, Internet Marketers will have at least some WordPress sites in the Virtual Real Estate.There are some marketers who run their business exclusively on WordPress.

There are three choices open to you as you set out on your online career.

1.Learn HTML programming and create sites based around HTML
2.  Learn how to install and use one of the many other scripts on the marketplace
3.Learn how to use WordPress

WordPress is much easier to learn, is free, regularly updated and has a massive user community supporting it.You can get thousands of different plugins and themes plus support for zero cost.

You can learn the ins and outs of WordPress 2.7 from a professional Internet Marketer and discover its hidden secrets in the brand new WordPress Demystified program.

Dec 262008
by Theo McLanahan

Article marketing is a valuable method of getting traffic to your website. In case you’re not familiar with it, article marketing is basically the process of writing articles and submitting them, along with links back to your website, to article reprint directories on the internet.

You’re probably quite aware of the value of having fresh content on your website and blog. Many people who own websites visit article reprint directories on a regular basis to get new content for their sites.

When you submit your article to these directories, you’re giving permission for other people to use your article on their site – for free. The catch is, they have to include an “about the author” section at the end of each article they use. This can include information about your website and links back to it.

When the website owner or blogger puts your article up on the web, all of their readers will see your biography information and the links to your website. Your article could end up on hundreds or thousands of websites, and quite possibly, millions of people could end up reading it! Who knows how many people could click on your link?

These article directories are easy to find. Just do a Google search for free article directories and you’ll find a bunch. Some of them are specific to certain topics, while others will accept articles on almost any subject. You can submit your article to multiple directories and you can even get software that will automate the process for you.

You have virtually unlimited topics to write about. What is your website about? Get creative in thinking up topics. If someone would want to visit your website to learn something, write an article about that.

For example, if you sell Tupperware you could write an article about food related topics or even about the fact that you can use those plastic containers for organizing toys, bathroom items or even screws and bolts in the garage.

If you do not like to write, don’t worry. You can hire a ghostwriter to write your article for you. You can ask other Internet Marketers for referrals on reputable ghostwriters. The prices for an article will vary, but an average rate is about $10 to $12 for a 500 word article. Once you discuss with the ghostwriter what you are looking for, they will write the article and send it back to you. Some ghostwriters may also include submit the article to reprint directories for you.

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