May 312010

Affiliate program is the starting place for a big majority of home entrepreneurs and beginners in Internet Marketing, due to the small amount of work involved. There is some elements that you must absolutely look for before you start promoting an affiliate product…

Tip #1. Promote a unique product to get better results.

Promoting a product which is already being sold by hundreds or affiliates will not give you the same results as if you have a unique proposition. A different product that only some affiliates distribute. That kind of program is a little bit difficult to find because Continue reading »

May 032009

There is no better market to get started with as an affiliate than the weight loss niche. Some will say that this niche is “too saturated” but I say that the diet niche is so big that there’s enough cash to go around.

Still, I think it is important not to go after general “diet” traffic. Instead go after smaller niches like “burn stomach fat,” “online diet,” and “fast weight loss.” An example kind of targeting can be seen here: Weight Loss Made Easy.

I think this diet affiliate program is the top program of this kind to use. Why? It’s easy to use. PPC conversion tracking is possible. The conversion rate is high. Commissions are set at a staggering 75%. There’s a lot of tools for affiliates available such as banners and other graphics. The support for affiliates is excellent.

If you want to go the natural traffic route (and I do recommend it) then you need to invest in at least one web hosting service and also in some article submission/link building services such as Linkvana.

How much income can an individual make as an affiliate for this diet plan? The sky is truly the limit. The market is huge. It’s even possible to become a millionaire promoting just this one diet product. And the great thing is you never have to deal with customers and you never have to create any product. All you have to do is get good traffic to the salesletter with your affiliate ID attached!

You should focus all of your energy on this one diet market and in promoting this one product. Why? Because focus will bring you great results far faster than if you try to do ten things at once (many new internet marketers make that mistake.)

This is a niche that’s big enough that you can make more money than lawyers or doctors make and this is a product with 75% commissions that has good conversion rates and excellent affiliate support. It is right choice for anyone who wants to make a living working at home on the internet.

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Jan 202009

As one of the leading affiliate hubs available, Clickbank needs to keep track of over 100,000 affiliates selling over 10,000 different products. With so many different hits to keep track of, in order to successfully create an effective and easy to use affiliate system, Clickbank created special links known as Hoplinks.

Hoplinks links are links that reassigns hits from your website to a website of the merchandise you are toiling as a link to put up on auction. These links rapidly relocate the person through Clickbank(off their consent) awarding recognition for the hit and finally the sale.

Clickbank systems log all the hits an individual makes with respect to the purchase of an individual item. In case an individual does not complete his purchase on a particular day, the system would still be able to provide a credit in case the said purchase happens within 30 days of the hit.

Also, Clickbank tracks hits so you can easily track important stats like conversion rates of the products that you are selling using a particular Clickbank ID. This lets you find out which products are winners and which ones are not.

Clickbank has received some criticism over their hoplink program; not because there is anything wrong with the way it works (Clickbanks affiliate system is one of the fairest and most efficient affiliate systems available) but because the links themselves are aesthetically displeasing. They tend to be a large number of letters and digits, several periods, and the links do not contain the web address of either the site you are coming from or the site you are going to.

The valid concerns are that the sales are reduced because people these days don’t trust the links. Many people believe that the links might mislead them particulary that of a review site when the link doesn’t point to the site being reviewed. They tend to scroll over the links many times.

However, it is estimated that the effect that has on sales is minimal. Most people still do not scroll over links, and overly cautious individuals tend to not buy the digital products that are offered on the actual websites.

On more thing to think about before you use the Clickbank hoplink program is the fact that your user ID is entrenched in the hoplink as well as tacked on to the website itself, when the instructions to redirect have been carried out. So as to make sure tracking is conducted accurately, Clickbank incorporates a ? UserID at the end of the user resource locator (url) of the website which visitors can clearly see at the top of the page. For this reason you may not wish to use your name as your user ID and you also do not want to pick a user ID that is improper since all your prospective clients will see it.

The Clickbank program is a very efficient program among all the available affiliate programs as long as you are ready to ignore the visual of the hoplink program. If you are continuing to use the clickbank hoplink and also you have chosen to sell its digital products, then you can be very much sure that all your sales are tracked without manipulation

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