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Affiliate Revenue Scandal

One of the latest in video training modules that can help make a load of cash is Cell Phone Cash. From the stable of Maverick, Mack Michael has come out with a winner again. A unique combination of cell phone marketing and affiliate marketing, this training program can train anyone to make tons of money online on auto-pilot, or so Mack claims. Let us understand the logistics here.

One major benefit of residual incomes in affiliate programs is that you can start the business venture without any investment and risk. Generally affiliate programs just need you to sell online through your website and this is how this business works. The products and services which the company offers are advertised in your website which effectively means that your only responsibility is to sell the products and services online and you do not have to invest anything to start with. You need to ensure that you create an interesting website with keyword phrases that are Search Engine Optimized and SEO friendly, so that your website appears in the first page or the 2nd page of search engines like Google, Yahoo. MSN etc. The other thing that is important is to write good quality articles and sales pages which will be the content in your site, which people would love to read.

Reason 1: It Doesn’t Require You To Purchase Or Create A Product!

I’m dead serious. You do not need to purchase anything in order to become an affiliate. Being an affiliate means you are not the creator of the product you are trying to market and sell, and even better, the creator is willing to pay you a high commission on every product of their’s that you do sell!

Why would they do that, you ask? Simple. The more people they have working for them as affiliate marketers, the more their market expands way beyond anything they would have been capable of achieving on their own. In turn, the profits from these increased sales will more than make up for the large commissions they pay out to each of their affiliates.

Reason 2: There Are Tons Of Ways To Market A Product For Little Or No Money!

Again, this is completely true! While there are definitely many ways to market a product as an affiliate that do cost money such as Google Adwords, these are typically also the most competitive areas that people try to market in. However, that doesn’t mean they are always the most effective.

The truth is, there are just as many effective ways to market a product that require little to no money! Stuff like classified ads, writing articles, grassroots marketing, using bookmark sites, social networking sites, user groups, and forums just to name a few. Any one of these methods can greatly expand your customer base and put money in your pocket! With a little creativity, you can come up with even more ways to market that other people may not have even thought of!

Reason 3: You Can Be Successful Working As Little As An Hour A Day!

Basically, like any other business, you can work this as little or as much as you like, but if you at least put in one hour a day, every day you will be successful! So you can get started in this industry and be very successful overtime without having to quit your job initially or at all!

Remember though, you do have to put some effort into it. Commit to one hour a day, everyday and you will be successful!

Well, there you have it! I bet now you’re beginning to see why being an Affiliate Marketer is such a popular, cheap and fun way to make money online

Resource Author Francisco Rodriguez Higueras
Understand How to Make Money Without Money Today
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Dec 022009

Hiring Google Adwords expert will it be worth money? The answer depends on how much work you ve put into your pay per click advertising so far. CPA & PPCmarketing is the one of the best business model to make money onlineLikewise, CPA Tsunami could help you with this.  The very important things you need to think about are how much money you got and how much assistance you required from Adwords expert.

Google Adwords is the top pay per click advertising company on the Internet. However it is far from the only one. Microsoft and Yahoo Search Marketing are the other best PPC companies on the internet.and you will find dozens if non more of other pay per click companies to choose from.

Adwords expert is the one who claims that he is a very knowledge guy and can help us set up Google Adwords campaigns. It is pretty much possible that someone who knows the ins & outs of Google Adwords is also good in the whole PPC game.
Just by their individual definition,he is an PPC expert. So look at your Adwords campaign and decide what exactly you want to get out of it. If that looks like a silly inquiry, its actually not. Of course, you want to get traffic, but you require to be more particular than that.

How many sales do you need per week or per week?  Ormaybe you want a certain number of people to sign up for your mailing list per day or per week. This same subscribers can purchase the product from you in the future.

Look at your goals and your current statistics to see how far away from those goals you really are. Do you think you can create the adjustments necessary yourself to make you closer to those destinations?

you have to be reasonable. You spendings may be a day and you require about 4 sales a week, then determining that you wish 20 gross revenue per week out of that same budget may not be a intelligent end. You must add more keywords and adjust your budget and your message to up your gross revenue considerably. Even an Adwords expert can do only so much within a certain budget.

When you ve decided on a reasonable, feasible finish,use keyword tool to find best keywords. You can try this little neat tool called PPC Web Spy to track your competitiors Adwords data. You will find many free and low cost keyword research tool online.

Make sure your website is helpful, friendly and encourages people to come back. If you don t have a newsletter, then start one filled with information.Your gross revenues message in a newsletter has a well chance of making each time a individual looks it.

Try Out with other keywords and even several times of the day for yourppc campaigns. You might reach your goals on your own. If not or if you simply want quicker solutions without the work, then drop into your budget for an Adwords expert.

To learn more about CPA business model, check out Sales Tsunami website.

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Aug 252009

Long time Keyword Elite customers will be glad to know that Brad Callen is almost ready to launch Keyword Elite 2.0. I’ve been using this software for the past year now, and I can definitely say that it is my favorite keyword research tool. It is well suited for both SEO and PPC purposes and it has always been my goto tool. The new version of the software looks to have several exciting new features, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on it when it comes out.

I’ve done a little bit of research and here are some highlighted changes that will be part of this new release.

Shiny new look and feel. The user interface of the program has been entirely revamped. The software now has a brand new Web 2.0 look that will make using the software much more enjoyable to use.

Adwords Time Machine. Now you keep track of others in your area and monitor their Google Adwords campaigns for the past 6 months. This allows you to imitate their landing pages and use their ad copy which you know gets high click through rates.

Adwords Site Targeter. This new feature enables you to uncover other sites in your area which run Google Adsense. This allows you to target your own ads in Google Adwords, or contact the site owner and directly buy banner space. These targeted placements should lead to higher conversions.

JV Diamond Miner. This feature allows you to uncover sites related to yours that have their own opt-in mailing lists. By contacting these site owners, you may be able to setup a joint venture with them and promote your own product on their site. This is one tactic that not many affiliate marketers implement, but can work very well.

Significant Speed Improvements. The new Keyword Elite is 10 times as fast as the old version. Now you get your results in seconds instead of minutes. Existing Keyword Elite users will be astonished at the difference in speed between the two.

I have just listed a few of the new features that will be available when Brad Callen releases Keyword Elite 2.0. There are actually a lot more features and enhancements that I didn’t get a chance to talk about so look for them as well. Brad Callen is famous for releasing outstanding products for affiliate marketers, and I am convinced that we will not be disappointed with Keyword Elite 2. Make sure to pick up your copy of this ultimate keyword research tool when it is available.

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Aug 222009

Affiliate Classroom

Adwords elite introduced by Jason O Brien is a home study program which can make you earn $200 per day after one week of starting this course.

Is it unbelievable to your ears?
And the future prospects are even more luring.And, the best part is that you do not have to work 14 hours a day to make this much money.In fact, this much money can be made by working less than 2 hours a day, as will be shown by Jason.Jason uses Google Adwords to drive traffic to affiliate sites.Even if you think it’s absurd, continue reading as it might help you in making money.When you type a search term into Google’s search engine, there are two types of listings that pop up.

The first listing is the organic results of your search item that is supposed to be the best result for your search term as per the Google’s algorithm.It does not work by paying Google to get your sites a higher rank.But, there are also ads that appear on the search page.These are dependent on the search terms that a user may enter.An advertiser may buy the ads listed above the organic results.Generally, each of these Ads consists of 25 character headline, two 35 character lines of copy and a link that points to the advertiser’s website.That’s not much space to get your point across.Yet some people have mastered the art of short copy and they turn it into empires.They do this by promoting affiliate products.Connecting the buyers to the sellers is called as affiliate marketing.

You will be paid the middleman charge to attract traffic to their site.In fact, is case promotion of digital products, the affiliate marketer can earn as high as 75% value of the total products sold because of the customers lured by him.Adwords Elite can help you to make good bucks using Google Adwords for affiliate marketing.You may come across people who have actually lost money by using pay per click techniques like Adwords.At the price that they are not willing to pay they get a lot of clicks and at times these clicks do not get converted into sales.In any of the way you are going to waste money.

Adwords elite will provide you with finest keywords which will help converting clicks into sales.You’ll learn how to filter out the losers.With time, you will develop that knack of creating ads that people can’t resist to click. You can learn making money online with Adword Elite and Affiliate Classroom. There are not many ways by which you can get higher ranks and at the same time pay less.One of the few ways is the Adwords Elite.A step by step plan is the biggest advantage and that is the reason why everybody no matter how much of experience can pursue and can make money from the same.

Aug 052009

Most people who market their services on the internet know how important it is to bring in high quantities of visitors, but many don’t understand that this traffic needs to be a targeted audience who will actually be interested in their products. This is exceptionally important for campaigns like Google’s Adwords, or any traffic that you’ve paid for.

This article will tell you how to build steady and highly targeted traffic to your website so you’re more likely to make sales.

1. Learn what your customers like and tailor your advertising to appeal to them. Make sure your keywords are centered around potential customers and be sure to use them in any advertising you do. With a service such as Google Adwords, make sure to be specific with your ads to draw in a more targeted crowd. If articles are your method for increasing traffic, be sure to fill them with keywords that involve your particular subject.

2. Look for popular and reliable search engines or directories to promote your website, and make sure they are related to your subject. For example, if the subject of your website happens to be “work from home online” you will want to find compatible sites to list your website. This makes it much easier for people to find your website when searching for something specific.

3. Take advantage of related forums and online groups for advertising as well. Learning all that you can about your customers will make it easier to find them and draw them to your site. Frequent groups and forums and get a chance to talk with your potential customers while subtly promoting your site with a link in your signature. These forums give you a chance to reach out to people that are likely interested in your niche, therefore, increasing your chance for buyers.

4. Write keyword-rich articles. The articles you write can get published by lots of different sites, directories and e-zines, so you could end up with thousands of links pointing back to your site. Your articles must contain the top keywords for your niche so that your site will rank high in searches for those words. This brings targeted traffic and potential customers to you.

5. Create an e-zine, or use related e-zines, to publish ads for your website. If you create your own e-zine, you can attract prospects who are already interested in the products that you’re offering. Your e-zine should always have new, relevant material and prominently feature your web address in every issue. Find some other e-zines with an audience that is similar to your own intended audience and use them to advertise your website.

6. Free blogsites such as WordPress, Blogger, Hubpages, and Squidoo are another great way to connect you to people that are interested in your product. Be sure to add a link in each post that will lead readers to your main site, using your keywords as the anchor text.

These six tips will help you establish a targeted traffic base for your home based business. With targeted customers, you’ll get a boost in sales and a higher conversion rate.

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Aug 032009

Making money online can be done, however most people try leap before they look and lose money instead of making money. Like other professions you need to educate yourself about what your getting into. You can’t just be a doctor, you need many years of schooling to be prepared for what the job will be like. This is true for most professions out there. If you don’t learn about the job, and the skills needed to perform that profession, you cannot properly and efficiently do the job.

This educations is also necessary when starting out in affiliate marketing. Their are several products out there that promise to teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Some of these products say that affiliate marketing is the easiest job in the world. They make you believe you can just click a few buttons and watch the money roll in. You’ve probably seen these products advertising well after midnight or early in the morning trying to take advantage your lack of sleep or your resentment of a current job. They have attractive women, fancy and expensive cars, million dollar homes, and people there saying they make hundreds of thousands of dollars in one day. Notice at the bottom of the screen the tiny print says results not typical. The system they are talking about is affiliate marketing. They tell you that all you need is their $30 product plus shipping and handling and you will get all the secrets. What they don’t tell you is the real secrets will cost more.

This doesn’t mean that every internet marketing product out there is a scam. It just means you have to be careful what you decide to jump into. I personally purchased dozens of products about internet marketing. Some sell you these thin booklets that are more motivational tools then actual how-to guides to get an internet business started. All these booklets are designed to do is keep you motivated enough for the real promotion. The booklets give you a little taste about what to do, but they URGE you to contact them and purchase the coaching assistance. The coaching assistance can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands. They pass this off by saying that you will make hundreds of times that once your internet business is off the ground. The problem is most of the people purchasing this cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for personal coaching. And others who try those methods that they paid thousands for end up having trouble implementing them. So in the end your out a few thousand dollars for practically nothing.

As I said before most of these products are scams, however that does not mean all of them are. Through my search of looking for a successful internet marketing system I found a few that work. The ones that do provide you with useful information are usually memberships to clubs. These clubs contain video tutorials and resources that teach you how to become a successful internet marketer. Some offer more video content where others provide access to blogs where members of the club post topics and exchange ideas, or provide tools to assist in your campaigns. These clubs are basically online courses in affiliate marketing. They teach you the basics in affiliate marketing, such as what to promote and how to promote, and give you the information needed to start promoting right after joining the clubs.

Most infomercials you see out there are always promise you’ll make tons of cash without even getting off the couch. The truth is to see results you have to do some work. These clubs give you the information and resources you will need to use to become a successful affiliate marketer. However you wont make any money unless you implement the methods they teach you.

Do some research before you start – Hundreds of company’s have affiliate programs attached to them. Find the one’s you personally like and think will do well. Almost all of these affiliate programs are free and you can promote as many as you want.

Set up a web page promoting the company or company’s you signed up with, or set up a blog discussing topics related to the company – This is the beginning of the business. You have to either create a website that promotes the products that the company sells or you can set up a blog or join a blog and promote the company’s products that way.

Find ways to promote your webpage – If you set up a web page you need traffic to flow to that webpage. There are several ways to do this. Some are free and some cost money. Free ways to promote require you to expand your knowledge of the internet. Setting up or joining blogs and using their resource box to promote the website or company is one such free method. Using AdBrite or Google Adwords is a way of promoting called PPC, or Pay Per Click. These sites offer ad space on other websites and in search engines to promote your site or company. This will cost some money because you pay when they click your link, not when they buy the product.

Always look for more source material to expand your knowledge of Affiliate Marketing – Look for books in a book store, free information online, blogs, or clubs that offer membership and useful information in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

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Apr 192009

A good Adword campaign starts with a good headline. A great Adword campaign starts with a great headline. And knowing how to write great headlines is a very valuable skill in any business. The failure to understand how critical this skill can be is a huge mistake that we see from both Adwords newbies and professional Adword management companies.

Good keyword research and bidding skills may get your ad shown in a top ad position when someone does a search, but if you don’t have a compelling headline, you may be wasting a lot of money. On the other hand, you can have poor ad placement, ranking near the bottom of the page, but if your headline sticks out, then you will end up “stealing” clicks from your higher-ranking competitors.

So if you don’t know how to write good headlines, where can you start? Start by looking at some of the ads that appear when you search for your keywords in Google. Now, if you are a student of mine, you already know my philosophy about the top ad position. Hint: “The top ad position is not always the place you want to be, and the company advertising there, does not necessarily know what they are doing.” But there ARE instances when the top ads will have the best headlines. Look at those ads and pay attention.

Another method that I like is to use a research tool, such as Spyfu or Keyword Spy to see which ads of a competitor have consistently been in positions #4-6. Many times you will find that your competitor affords to rank lower because they have strong headlines that out-convert higher-ranking ads. Read those headlines and learn from them as well.

Also, it may be beneficial to look OUTSIDE of your industry for Adword headline ideas. How about a real (at the time of this writing) live example?

Let’s say I am writing an ad for an attorney and need an inspiring headline. I will now search for a babysitter to get ideas. So I just typed “need a babysitter” into Google and here is an incredible idea from an ad whose headline is: “Need a Local Babysitter?” I love the word “local”. I can now use the headline “Need a Local Attorney?” or write another headline that includes the word “local”. At the time of this writing, a quick search on “need an attorney” showed no ads on the first page using the word “local.” My ad would definitely stand out!

You may be wondering, “Can I steal headlines? Is that plagiarism?” There is no rule that says you cannot use the same headline your competitor is using. But you must remember, 99% of the time the advertiser is doing SOMETHING wrong. So if you are going to copy a competitor, I suggest you copy only what works. Sure, I like to look at competitors’ ads and take notes. I even recommend starting a digital “swipe” file, where you take headlines that you really like and copy them to a document and keep adding to that file for future reference.

There are many free resources on the web that can train you to write good headlines and we will cover some great headline-writing techniques in a later article, but the most important thing is that you recognize your return for investing time into learning how to write a great headline. If you can’t afford to invest your time, then hire a copywriter who knows how to write headlines and ad copy for search marketing ads. Many Adwords management companies also have specialists who are experts in writing headlines and ad copy that can turn otherwise so-so advertising into highly successful Google Adwords campaigns.

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Jan 192009

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money on line is to become an affiliate on Clickbank. Being an affiliate has rapidly become a desirable method to break into the world of affiliate marketing. However, getting started is not always easy and becoming a success can prove difficult.

The first step when you start marketing is to find the products or services you want to sell. These must be unique enough to stand out in a crowd but also something you are interested in. Make sure your product is not something that disinterests you or you risk quitting before you make any real money.

Once you have chosen the product(s), you should make a website for them. This site should be sparse ” do not put any Google Adwords to try to make extra money or advertise other Clickbank products unrelated to the products you are selling.

The disadvantage of using blogs is that it is time consuming as they need to be updated regularly. So the ideal way is to have a review site where you can review the related products at on go or you can review a single product. But make sure to optimise the reviews with the keywords.

Once you have completed the website, you can already move on to the next step. Here is where keeping your interest in the product becomes very important ” the next step is article marketing, by writing keyword articles that you submit to free article directories.

Article writing can be time consuming, especially if you do not find the product interesting. These article only need to be 300-500 words, but they should be at least moderately informative and contain a 3% keyword density in order to ensure the maximum hits.

Websites like can help you post what ever you want. Just start with something like 20 articles each with sifferent keywords and eventually you will start getting the hits you desire.

Google keeps website articles, like those found on, in their search engines for three weeks. Keeping that in mind, you should post three articles about every three to four days.

However, if your article was effective, you should have received anywhere from 20-400 hits per article. Every 100 hits should give you 20-50 hits to the site you are affiliated with, and if that website has been fashioned correctly, you should get at least 2-3 sales per 100 hits. Thus a set of 20 articles (which can be completed in just a few days) can earn you over $1,000 in income.

Once your website is in the first or second page of the search rankings, you can let it go on making money and start on your next project, exponentially increasing your passive income.As you continue to use this method, your website will also start to show up higher in search rankings, which will give you hits in Google without having to write a single article.

You need to make sure that you choose a good niche that is known to make sales but is not too competitive. If you can find this niche, you can use this free and simple strategy to get your Clickbank affiliate marketing business started before you learn some of the more complicated methods.

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