Oct 022008
by Third Charms

Article submission is a method that is very good for promoting your product or webpage. Knowledge is the best hook you can use to lure online users to visit your webpage. When you start to submit your article, be sure your title will grab the reader’s attention.

You can never have too many articles driving visitors to your webpage. Individuals are looking for knowledge which is why they landed on your article. Individuals love to read the news because they would like to know the latest trends in the business.

Give your articles great chances of showing up on the top 10 search results page by making them SERPS friendly. To create an effective article submission campaign you need to submit a lot of articles, and submit them to the top article directories. You have to make sure that your article will be seen by consumers and potential consumers alike.

You need to find a way to get more individuals coming to your webpage or you won’t even have an opportunity to help them. Articles that solve individual’s problems are always more helpful. Articles are the best way to get you known to a higher number of visitors and web-pages.

Bear in mind that you do not have to be a highly skilled author in order to submit articles. Remember that solving your reader’s problems is your goal. Do you know that an auto responder will double your results?

After you have the data written, you can now include a author box at the end of the article. In the HTML author box you can vary the hyper text backlink search term phrases, which allows you to build up back backlinks. A good author box is not larger than 15% of the total size of the article.

The online makes it easier to reach a wide audience quickly. You desire your readers to understand the knowledge that you are providing. If individuals like what you submit they will see you as an authority on the subject.

You can submit and submit as many quality articles online as you desire. Article submission is a natural for generating targeted leads that convert to sales. The one problem with having a target audience is that it narrows your market down tremendously.

Assisting others is always a great way to build confidence with customers and to spread new knowledge about products. If you use a backlink in the body of your article or in the author box, make sure it’s a live backlink. The number of quality inbound backlinks are important to get page rank, visitors and increasing ROI.

Once you are done submitting the article, you need to distribute so that it takes you as little time as possible. Some authors submit with a sense of humor while others use a more of a matter-of-fact approach. Is your company ready to pounce on trends and shifts in your industry?

When you gain knowledge via failure, you’ve earned it. If you happen to lose your rankings, and drop your visitors, your articles will continue to send visitors. There is no better way to increase your site’s popularity when it comes to article submission.

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Oct 012008
by Molly Submin

Article submission websites gives your online business an enormous productivity and in less time. The sites can provide phenomenal visibility to your blogs and articles and make them ranked by popular search engines out there.

Anyone can do article marketing regardless of what field the person was in before. By writing topics that one is very familiar in, this could help boost the credibility of ones work.

Remember to do a lot of market research on your chosen niche. At the end of the day, you have many options ahead of you, all that is needed for you now is to take action and get your business started as fast as possible!

Article marketing is the best way to let more and more numbers of visitors know about your website and hence, increasing traffic to your site. Submission of articles to different article sites, online publishers, eZines make way for the visitors through links as well.

Article marketing is one method of viral marketing. There are thousands of websites, blogs and ezine publishers begging for content. To get your article into publisher’s hands you will need to submit them to article directories, forums and newsgroup announcement lists.

Whether you use a service like this or not, the primary thing your article marketing strategy must include is volume of unique articles. The more unique articles you get online the more potential traffic you will get from them.

Article marketing is a website promotion tactic designated to get free traffic to your website. This method works by writing and submitting original articles related to your niche to article directories.

As article marketing is really a free form of advertising and exposure, do not expect to be paid for submitting articles. A few sites will pay for original articles though..

To help you maximize your web traffic promotion, there are article submission services and article submission software. Some article submission services offer article writing or re-writing services as well; and some charge you a lower fee if you provide your own articles.

Content is king. You can say that again. That is why writing articles is one of the most utilized Internet marketing media today. Internet surfers just can’t get enough of information on various fields.

Stop reading and get back to work. The article you write and post today could be worth a lot more a year from now, but if you wait, that’s one more day that web masters won’t see your article. Keep looking for other solutions, but be wary.

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Sep 242008
by Eagle Grey

Article marketing is considered as one of the best content-based marketing solutions in the internet today. It is commonly used by marketers to distribute information to their potential clients to build rapport and establish their expertise on their chosen niche.

If the article submission site allows the opportunity for additional links beyond your resource box, take the time to double check that each link works. Broken links or links not properly HTML coded will delay the submission of the article.

Don’t use article spinning software. There are so many article marketers who are using spinning software because they would like to easily augment the number of their articles. While these tools can help you boost the number of your copies, they cannot guarantee the quality.

In no time flat you can establish yourself as an expert on any subject that you happen to be knowledgeable on. Because article directories are voracious carnivores for quality content, they are always looking for fresh NEW content to add to their databases for their readers, webmasters, newsletter, and e-Zine publishers.

Articles should be of a great interest so as to get the readers down to the resource box or lead the webmasters to reprint the article as it is on their sites. The first element is to catch the eye of a reader and confer a high degree of controversy.

Make sure you can add these when you submit your articles, these are what the search engines will look for the most when caching your article page on the articles directory website. The website should professionally display all this information, again this is a tell tale sign for a serious article directory or not.

Improve your conversion rate. To easily convince online users to open your articles, make sure that you use attention grabbing and interesting titles that can communicate the gist of your content.

Also, create keyword-rich articles. However, make sure that it makes sense when you re-read the keyword rich article you have written. Don’t put in the keyword for the sake of placing them in the articles and end up making the article looks bad. Article Marketing is free and it provides free publicity for your sites, especially if it’s a new site.

Can you make money in article marketing without outsourcing your work? Yes you can but it will take time and you will have to be very much disciplined about how many articles you write per day and understand that you are not going to generate the traffic that it takes to make big money.

We can not deny that articles are the food of the search engines. Of course, I am talking about unique articles here and not duplicate content. Unless your website has only a one, two or three pages only, and then you will be needing lots and lots of directory submission and other promotional works to do.

Stay on top of the game by writing about new ideas. Avoid writing the same topics over and over again as this can annoy your readers. Get fresh ideas by subscribing to the RSS feeds of relevant websites, or by visiting forums and article submission sites.

Your website will gain traffic from article submissions in a few ways. The most simple way of getting traffic is from the reader, who clicks on your link at the end of the article to go back to your promoted website.

Optimize your articles. The success of your article marketing effort largely depends on how easy it would be for online users to find your articles online. Convince search engines to index your articles by sprinkling just the right amount of keywords on your content.

You need to research your competitor’s work and the content they offer. This will help you in differentiating you from them and help in offering the information, which their work lacks. This includes lack of verification, proof reading, cover letters, and bio box.

Undoubtedly, article marketing is the best resource available for driving qualified and targeted traffic direct to your website. Besides sharing your knowledge and establishing your expertise in your field, you can implement article submission as a key step in your marketing strategy to increase your sales and profits.

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Sep 222008
by Green Buggy

Have you heard of Ray Kroc? Ray Kroc started the fast food restaurant McDonald’s. He capitalized on the concept of duplication of effort. Duplication of effort means that you streamline the process to experience the greatest return on investment.

If you are a good writer with something great to say, then my advice to you is to keep it up because you are very good for this world, I thank you on behalf of all who may never have bothered to tell you personally. But at the same time I warn you to try to keep your articles a little shorter to benefit you and the reader.

Naturally, the best article submission sites offer more benefits to a writer. They usually provide very nice article statistics as well as an easy to use RSS feed system. This makes it easier for other publishers to access my work.

In addition to submitting your articles to the best article submission sites, you should also submit them to a number of directories that are related to your niche. Normally, these sites will attract people that are actively looking for information on a particular subject. If you are promoting a product or your website, this is a very good place to submit articles to generate interested prospects.

If you would like to make article marketing truly profitable, you need to write numerous articles. Remember, the number of your articles equates to the number of links you obtain for your site.

An article that is interesting gets a lot of readers. When people are caught up in your articles, there is no stopping them from visiting the link that is there in the content. Keep in mind that people reading your articles are searching for something that is very much related to what you have to offer.

Research shows that articles between 300 and 400 words are most effective. Articles that are too long are daunting to the viewer. With books, a large body of text is expected, but on the internet, most people have a “now attitude” where they want their information quickly and don’t want to spend too much time reading large blocks of text.

You can write your own articles or have someone else write them for you. Some affiliate marketing programs give you on topic articles you can use to rewrite and submit to article submission directories for high quality targeted traffic.

At times you might realize that your article submission is not doing what is required of it. This might be on the account of poorly written articles or using a wrong website for submitting your article. Well, the whole process of submitting an article is based on trial and error. You will definitely evolve your methods and also look to make improvements in the process of submitting articles.

Obviously, article submission with good quality materials written over your authorship and linked to your web site will make your business more visible on the internet. Each time a reader clicks on the link at the bottom of the articles, you have a potential customer.

Get a reliable automatic article submission software. If you don’t want to spend so much time manually posting your articles to hundreds of article submission sites and directories, you can invest on a submission software that can distribute your articles in just minutes.

When you are filling out the title and article summary fields while posting articles, use a formula that works for you. That does not mean using the same words over and over. It does mean that you use a formula that helps you write and submit more quickly and efficiently.

Make it a habit to manually proofread your articles before you make them available online so you can improve on the general flow of your content and eliminate any types of errors that can be taken against your online credibility and professionalism.

Submit your articles to websites that are syndicated by Google and Yahoo! News. Millions of online users from all over the globe are accessing these giant sites on a regular basis. So, imagine the amount of exposure that will be directed to your website if you can get your articles on these feeds.

Every marketer or Webmaster is interested in the highest effective way or the highest effective ways of article submission. And why not just admit that the best way of driving traffic to your website is through the articles. They are those that attract constant stream of visitors to your web site and as well as boosting link popularity and increasing your search engine presence.

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