Sep 222008
by Dreary Rainman

Today even 6 year old kids know that content is the king of Internet. If you have good and relevant content, search engines will find your site faster, people will visit this site more often, and you will be enjoying targeted traffic.

The purpose of article marketing is to sell products or services, or generate more traffic to a website or both. In order to achieve this you must plan for your website, the number of articles you will write per day and the number of submissions to get your target audience visits your site.

More articles mean more traffic. Strive to produce and submit articles on a regular basis. As you know, each submission grants you one quality inbound link. Thus, it follows that if you are aiming at driving huge traffic to your site, you must be willing to multiply the number of your submission.

Nowadays, article submission software are affordable to almost everyone. In the long run, it is most cost effective to use an article submission software to expedite the submission of articles. Read more about article submission software at my blog and find out which are the most popular software in the market today.

One reason why you have to write your own original articles and submit those articles to article submission directories is that your listed articles will be shown in the area of organic search in search engines with high ranking. With this sense, there are a lot of opportunities to boost up your affiliate commission through your articles.

Re-write your articles. This is not usually being mentioned by article directories but it is better if you do so. Re-writing your article means changing some words including the title and arrangement of sentences but maintaining the original content

You can write the articles yourself, or you can pay a freelance writer to complete the articles on a subject related to your product or field of expertise. Your name gets attached as the author and there is a link to your web site. This allows for additional exposure of your product through people who read the article and follow the link back to you.

When you submit articles to submission sites, you allow other people to pirate, reprint or republish your articles on other websites. When they see that your articles are relevant and has the information they need, they would definitely want them posted on their site.

Submitting articles to several websites would not take you more than an hour. But to optimize exposure, you would need to pound on the doors of dozens to hundreds of article submission directories. Even a 5-year old knows that is going to waste his childhood years.

If your goal is to get traffic, then submit to all the most popular directories like. Authority sites get tens of thousands of visitors everyday to even hundreds of thousands of visitors, so you’ll want to leverage on this traffic to build your business if you can.

Boost the number of your inbound links. As you know, more inbound links means higher page ranking and more traffic for your website. You can multiply the number of your backlinks in two ways. First, you must make sure that all your articles are of high-quality.

Another way to do article marketing is to blog. Blogging software like WordPress automatically ping different blog feeds or you could manually ping sites. Some webmasters browse blog feeds and repost articles that they find are interesting. Also, some blog feeds have Digg it!

You might think you need to submit your articles to 100’s of online news web sites in order to get some traffic and hopefully sales! It is actually quite the opposite! There are about five top sites that generate 90% of the traffic, so getting your article listed on those sites is vital.

Underneath the resource box, you type a statement giving others the right to reprint the article for free, as long as they don’t change it and keep your resource box attached. This allows others to help make your article viral.

No matter, how good a writer you are, or the kind of experience you have, you must always proof read your articles before you submit article. There is no shame in giving your articles a once over, as you are doing so for the betterment of your articles.

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