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You need to design a useful pay per click formula, if you want to successfully promote your products and services with pay per click.Every online marketer has come up with something different and distinct for their pay per click so that it works out effectively for them.No matter whatever way you use, you should be aware of vital pay per click secrets when you think of using your own pay per click formula or that designed by some other person.The major characteristic of pay per click marketing campaign is the sales.Everyone wishes to have plenty of clicks on their ads but then there is no use if your clicks do not generate sales.You cannot just make the ad and leave it, you should keep a track of the percentage of clicks getting converted to sales and devise a PPC formula to see if the ad is effective.

In what way will you examine the conversions? Several methods are explained in the Affiliate Classroom online university. One effective method is to create many pay per click advertisements, not only for a single promotion which you make online but for every online campaign.A workable method would be to use different advertisements, may be three to four, for every PPC campaign.You could use those four different ads in bids on the same keywords, and then have each of those four ads point to a different page on your site.Make sure that each page to which the URL leads has same information.What is the benefit of this way is that you can find out which ad generates more visits to your websites and then you can make ads of similar types.

Let us assume that you have made 4 such ads and each ad generates somewhere around 500 clicks, now using the Web tracking logos, you can determine as to which of the ads generated more sales.Out of the 500 clicks ad #1 generated 3 sales, ad #2 generated 2 sales, ad #3 generated 7 sales where as ad #4 generated just 1 sale.Your conversion rates for those ads would be 0.6 percent, 0.4 percent, 1.4 percent, and 0.2 percent respectively.It is very certain that the “AD#4” stood out from all of them.Hence, at the time of consideration do not pay attention to others and just emphasize on the good working ads like “AD#4”. With Affiliate Classroom, you can design your own Pay Per Click Formula which helps to generate maximum returns on investment.

Get rid of the others.Of course there are other things to consider in developing a successful pay per click formula, such as keyword research and the actual cost-per-click compared to revenue generated by the PPC traffic.It is better that you first devise a PPC formula to test the conversion rates before you go all guns blazing with the PPC approach.And soon you will find out that by following these tips, your sales automatically increase and your business prospers.


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