Sep 222008
by Green Buggy

Have you heard of Ray Kroc? Ray Kroc started the fast food restaurant McDonald’s. He capitalized on the concept of duplication of effort. Duplication of effort means that you streamline the process to experience the greatest return on investment.

If you are a good writer with something great to say, then my advice to you is to keep it up because you are very good for this world, I thank you on behalf of all who may never have bothered to tell you personally. But at the same time I warn you to try to keep your articles a little shorter to benefit you and the reader.

Naturally, the best article submission sites offer more benefits to a writer. They usually provide very nice article statistics as well as an easy to use RSS feed system. This makes it easier for other publishers to access my work.

In addition to submitting your articles to the best article submission sites, you should also submit them to a number of directories that are related to your niche. Normally, these sites will attract people that are actively looking for information on a particular subject. If you are promoting a product or your website, this is a very good place to submit articles to generate interested prospects.

If you would like to make article marketing truly profitable, you need to write numerous articles. Remember, the number of your articles equates to the number of links you obtain for your site.

An article that is interesting gets a lot of readers. When people are caught up in your articles, there is no stopping them from visiting the link that is there in the content. Keep in mind that people reading your articles are searching for something that is very much related to what you have to offer.

Research shows that articles between 300 and 400 words are most effective. Articles that are too long are daunting to the viewer. With books, a large body of text is expected, but on the internet, most people have a “now attitude” where they want their information quickly and don’t want to spend too much time reading large blocks of text.

You can write your own articles or have someone else write them for you. Some affiliate marketing programs give you on topic articles you can use to rewrite and submit to article submission directories for high quality targeted traffic.

At times you might realize that your article submission is not doing what is required of it. This might be on the account of poorly written articles or using a wrong website for submitting your article. Well, the whole process of submitting an article is based on trial and error. You will definitely evolve your methods and also look to make improvements in the process of submitting articles.

Obviously, article submission with good quality materials written over your authorship and linked to your web site will make your business more visible on the internet. Each time a reader clicks on the link at the bottom of the articles, you have a potential customer.

Get a reliable automatic article submission software. If you don’t want to spend so much time manually posting your articles to hundreds of article submission sites and directories, you can invest on a submission software that can distribute your articles in just minutes.

When you are filling out the title and article summary fields while posting articles, use a formula that works for you. That does not mean using the same words over and over. It does mean that you use a formula that helps you write and submit more quickly and efficiently.

Make it a habit to manually proofread your articles before you make them available online so you can improve on the general flow of your content and eliminate any types of errors that can be taken against your online credibility and professionalism.

Submit your articles to websites that are syndicated by Google and Yahoo! News. Millions of online users from all over the globe are accessing these giant sites on a regular basis. So, imagine the amount of exposure that will be directed to your website if you can get your articles on these feeds.

Every marketer or Webmaster is interested in the highest effective way or the highest effective ways of article submission. And why not just admit that the best way of driving traffic to your website is through the articles. They are those that attract constant stream of visitors to your web site and as well as boosting link popularity and increasing your search engine presence.

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