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One of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money on line is to become an affiliate on Clickbank. Being an affiliate has rapidly become a desirable method to break into the world of affiliate marketing. However, getting started is not always easy and becoming a success can prove difficult.

The first step when you start marketing is to find the products or services you want to sell. These must be unique enough to stand out in a crowd but also something you are interested in. Make sure your product is not something that disinterests you or you risk quitting before you make any real money.

Once you have chosen the product(s), you should make a website for them. This site should be sparse ” do not put any Google Adwords to try to make extra money or advertise other Clickbank products unrelated to the products you are selling.

The disadvantage of using blogs is that it is time consuming as they need to be updated regularly. So the ideal way is to have a review site where you can review the related products at on go or you can review a single product. But make sure to optimise the reviews with the keywords.

Once you have completed the website, you can already move on to the next step. Here is where keeping your interest in the product becomes very important ” the next step is article marketing, by writing keyword articles that you submit to free article directories.

Article writing can be time consuming, especially if you do not find the product interesting. These article only need to be 300-500 words, but they should be at least moderately informative and contain a 3% keyword density in order to ensure the maximum hits.

Websites like ezinearticles.com can help you post what ever you want. Just start with something like 20 articles each with sifferent keywords and eventually you will start getting the hits you desire.

Google keeps website articles, like those found on ezinearticles.com, in their search engines for three weeks. Keeping that in mind, you should post three articles about every three to four days.

However, if your article was effective, you should have received anywhere from 20-400 hits per article. Every 100 hits should give you 20-50 hits to the site you are affiliated with, and if that website has been fashioned correctly, you should get at least 2-3 sales per 100 hits. Thus a set of 20 articles (which can be completed in just a few days) can earn you over $1,000 in income.

Once your website is in the first or second page of the search rankings, you can let it go on making money and start on your next project, exponentially increasing your passive income.As you continue to use this method, your website will also start to show up higher in search rankings, which will give you hits in Google without having to write a single article.

You need to make sure that you choose a good niche that is known to make sales but is not too competitive. If you can find this niche, you can use this free and simple strategy to get your Clickbank affiliate marketing business started before you learn some of the more complicated methods.

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