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Better SEO with article marketing could be accomplished because unique articles offer a low-cost and effective way to get backlinks in a natural manner, as well as incorporate keywords or phrases in your content.  Search engine optimization or SEO is the method for enhancing the odds that search engines will list the URL of your site on the front page of their search results when an Internet surfer uses your targeted keywords or phrase.  There is an optimal density that should be followed for the keywords or phrases to permit the spiders of the search engines to categorize your website as pertinent to those keywords.  Also, the search engines will use the number of backlinks to your website as an indicator of its popularity.

However, an obstacle in article marketing is that you may lack the time to write the content yourself.  It usually requires much effort and time (that the Internet marketer may not have) to make quality and informative articles.  Luckily, many providers of article writing services you can find on the Internet offer prices that are quite affordable.  Internet marketing articles that have high-quality informative content can open the door for the positioning of your site on the top page of the search engine results.  A corresponding increase in sales and profits is sure to happen when this occurs.

The first reason to buy articles is to have material wherein you can place your targeted keywords or phrases.  These are the keywords that you feel have the best chance of being searched for by a Web surfer when he is looking for information on a topic relevant to your services or products.  This will let the search engine spiders index your site in such a way that when the searcher types your targeted keywords, the search engine will list your site in its primary results pages.  The second reason for getting custom SEO articles is to generate backlinks in a natural way.  This is essential because the formula for computing your rank in the search pages uses the number of backlinks to your site as one of the factors.  This can be accomplished by submitting the articles to certain directories so that more people can find them.  This, in turn, will encourage some people to use your articles in their own websites.  You can permit them to do this as long as they do not make any modifications.  Because you have backlinks on each article, the number of backlinks will grow with the popularity of your articles.

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