Aug 282008
by Theo McLanahan

Want to gain efficiency in writing quality articles? Dont worry; this article will guide you in writing articles efficiently. Anyone can become master in writing articles. Some things required for writing good article are determination, devotion and enthusiasm to learn the craft. Writing good articles is just like a craft, as it all requires is rich quality of workmanship. No one is born expert; everybody learns from practice, same is with article writing. Here are some of the points that will help you in writing good quality articles.

If you are determined, passionate, enthusiastic, and driven to succeed, you can master the craft of writing articles. Quality workmanship is required to succeed in any craft. Being devoted to developing your writing skills, by practicing and learning from your mistakes, will ensure your success. Here are some tips for you as you continue to establish your article writing abilities:

These articles are published in ezines or posted on the directories all over the world. Write your name, real URL and few lines about yourself and/or your product in authors resource box provided at the end of the articles.

If your articles are accepted, they are published in ezines or posted in directories all over the world. At the end of each article there is an author’s resource box. Be sure you write your name, real URL and a few lines about yourself and/or your product in this box.

– Be Knowledgeable: Be an expert in article writing. Most readers will already by familiar with you before they visit your website. Readers will be more prone to purchase your product. Article marketing traffic has a higher conversion rate than pay per click traffic.

– Use attractive headlines: Attractive headline will always grab the readers attention. So it is necessary to have good and attractive headline for an article. Dull headline will lead to unread articles, which further lead towards zero subscription and sales.

– Use keywords: Keywords are most important part of any articles. Your web pages would rank by search engines on basis of keywords only. While search on internet, people also uses keywords. So try to place some well defined and known keywords in four to six words of an articles headline.

– Use short paragraphs: One can easily interpret short paragraphs. Huge paragraphs can also lead reader to select another article. So use short and meaningful paragraphs.

– Break the page up: Using bullet points, sub-headlines or numbers will make the article easier to read and understand, and is also less cluttered and more visually pleasing.

– Resource box: At end of article there will be resource box where you can add your name and URL. So write such information about your product in resource box that can attract your reader. For example, using call action, write “visit us at” etc.

– Refer readers: You can add your name and URL in the resource box at the end of an article. Write information about your product in that resource box and lead readers to your site. For example, include “contact us”, “for more information”, or “visit us today” in your resource box text.

– Write articles: If you want to generate traffic at your site, it is necessary to write everyday. Start with small goals. Perhaps writing 25 articles each week will be your first goal. Then set daily tasks so you accomplish this goal. If you write 5 articles daily, you will reach your goal by the close of the week. The more articles you write, the more traffic you can generate.

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