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Affiliate Revenue Scandal

One of the latest in video training modules that can help make a load of cash is Cell Phone Cash. From the stable of Maverick, Mack Michael has come out with a winner again. A unique combination of cell phone marketing and affiliate marketing, this training program can train anyone to make tons of money online on auto-pilot, or so Mack claims. Let us understand the logistics here.

One major benefit of residual incomes in affiliate programs is that you can start the business venture without any investment and risk. Generally affiliate programs just need you to sell online through your website and this is how this business works. The products and services which the company offers are advertised in your website which effectively means that your only responsibility is to sell the products and services online and you do not have to invest anything to start with. You need to ensure that you create an interesting website with keyword phrases that are Search Engine Optimized and SEO friendly, so that your website appears in the first page or the 2nd page of search engines like Google, Yahoo. MSN etc. The other thing that is important is to write good quality articles and sales pages which will be the content in your site, which people would love to read.

Reason 1: It Doesn’t Require You To Purchase Or Create A Product!

I’m dead serious. You do not need to purchase anything in order to become an affiliate. Being an affiliate means you are not the creator of the product you are trying to market and sell, and even better, the creator is willing to pay you a high commission on every product of their’s that you do sell!

Why would they do that, you ask? Simple. The more people they have working for them as affiliate marketers, the more their market expands way beyond anything they would have been capable of achieving on their own. In turn, the profits from these increased sales will more than make up for the large commissions they pay out to each of their affiliates.

Reason 2: There Are Tons Of Ways To Market A Product For Little Or No Money!

Again, this is completely true! While there are definitely many ways to market a product as an affiliate that do cost money such as Google Adwords, these are typically also the most competitive areas that people try to market in. However, that doesn’t mean they are always the most effective.

The truth is, there are just as many effective ways to market a product that require little to no money! Stuff like classified ads, writing articles, grassroots marketing, using bookmark sites, social networking sites, user groups, and forums just to name a few. Any one of these methods can greatly expand your customer base and put money in your pocket! With a little creativity, you can come up with even more ways to market that other people may not have even thought of!

Reason 3: You Can Be Successful Working As Little As An Hour A Day!

Basically, like any other business, you can work this as little or as much as you like, but if you at least put in one hour a day, every day you will be successful! So you can get started in this industry and be very successful overtime without having to quit your job initially or at all!

Remember though, you do have to put some effort into it. Commit to one hour a day, everyday and you will be successful!

Well, there you have it! I bet now you’re beginning to see why being an Affiliate Marketer is such a popular, cheap and fun way to make money online

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